A Buyer-Broker Agreement May Arise By All Of The Following Means Except

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10) Mary has a listung agreement with broker Tom. Mary tells Tom that she wants him to use brokerage agents to sell his property. Tom leads Larry, Gail and Bill, who all work for other companies, to find a buyer for Mary`s property. Who would be responsible for Bill`s actions? 6) If a client has a listing contract with a brokerage firm, the broker is the client`s agent. The licensees associated with the brokerage company are the broker`s agents and __broker_s__ (4) Which of the following proceedings relates to a proceeding under article 78? 5) The designated agency means that customers do not have all the fiduciary duties they would have if they were fully involved in the sales agency or purchasing agency. 9) If an agent has entered into an agency contract with a buyer, the agent becomes buyer_s agent, also known as ____ .

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