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3.5 This remuneration applies on the day of the signing of each collective agreement, i.e. March 14, 2005 for the PA, TC and EB groups, and March 22, 2005 for the SV group. Rates of pay that are not authorized by collective agreements A crucial debate on the role of the national conciliator has been going on in Finland for some time. The think tank Akava Works has just published a comparative report on the mechanisms for reconciling collective bargaining in several countries. Information identified as archived is provided for reference, search or recording purposes. It is not subject to Canadian government web standards and has not been modified or updated since the archive. Please contact us to request a format other than the available format. All parties to the municipal collective agreement approved the agreement on Thursday, May 28. The long and difficult marathon of negotiations finally resulted in an agreement, with a new agreement. Can`t find the archived collective agreement you`re looking for? Look for older versions of archived collective agreements.

TC Group Preliminary Agreement FAQ SV Group Preliminary Agreement FAQ EB Group Provisional Agreement FAQ PA Group Interim Agreement FAQ Some collective agreements have provided for lump sum payments to employees instead of retroactive salary increases or as billing bonuses. Unless otherwise made by the CFO, these lump sum payments must also be made to workers excluded from the collective agreement as exclusions from business or confidentiality, although they are classified as a category or professional level under the collective agreement. The following notices provide the Staff Community with a policy interpretation, guidance and updates on collective agreements, classification, compensation and labour relations, as well as the guidelines of the Joint National Council (JNC). Questions about the various interim agreements for the TC, SV, EB and PA groups? Click on the following links for answers to frequently asked questions, or see below for a general retro content FAQ.

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