Identifying Errors On Subject Verb Agreement

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However, be careful if the verb is followed by two singular nouns that together form the subject: Tip: Beware of sentences as with and so. These prepositional sentences are not part of the subject and do not function as and form a composite subject. The same principle applies when the names in the subject do not change in number, but in person. In the example below, the subject is composed of a third-person noun (Amelia) and a first-person pronoun (I): Shana, Joe, and Marcel are three grouped nouns (as indicated by the “and”) and are therefore effectively a plural noun. “What” is used in relation to a single topic; in this sentence had to be “was” “were” (for example.B. “Shana, Joe and Marcel were amazing. . . “). Pay special attention to sentences that begin with one of.


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