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For couples, they are called “tenants” in the UC regulations and provide that the contractual rent can be paid (minus any deductions of under-occupancy and non-dep). In cases where both partners are listed on the lease, they are “jointly and severally liable” for the rent, so that in the event of separation, one dies or goes to jail, the other should automatically be able to claim the contractual rent less the aforementioned deductions. There is no need to assume “continued responsibility”, as liability already exists. A final common problem to highlight is the situation in which one applicant is a tenant, but the other common tenant no longer resides at the address. In this case, the DWP sometimes grants only partial housing costs (with the formula of dividing the total rent by the number of tenants and multiplying by the number of these family members concerned – as indicated on page 96 of the CPAG Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits Handbook). Another turning point is that the applicant is not mentioned on the rental agreement, but makes payments to be able to continue to live in the property – for example. B since the lease was made in the name of a former partner who has now moved. Here, the DWP can refuse to pay in full. These two interrelated situations must be analysed separately. To terminate a joint lease agreement, a lessor (to one or all) agent must make a termination, not to a beneficiary.

In the case of a joint lease agreement, the limit refers to the entire weekly rent for the lease. A lessor may not require from each of the tenants a rental deposit of five or six weeks` rent. [9] This publication is available under The tenant who has been eliminated retains all his rights and obligations of the original contract as long as it continues. Martin Williams is studying some common problems with the residential element of Universal Credit (UC). If the remission has not taken place, the new tenant is the subtenant or licensee of the existing tenants. I spoke to UC and they told me to update my diary on my housing fees online, once it`s in one name, then call them the next day and “you`ll see what they can do.” Is there anything / can I foresee anyway that they actually return the last five months of the half rent I was entitled to all the time due to the unsidied rental side of things? For more information, see Below: Joint employment. . . .

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