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Even if this letter is only a simple formality, as required by his lease, you can still use it as an opportunity to improve your conditions, as indicated in our letter below. You can find information about tenants` rights on our Tenant Rights page. and our letter to owner page for other sample letters. We intend to renew your lease agreement with [initial lease date] which ends on [lease end date]. You turned out to be a model tenant and you would offer to renew your rental agreement for an additional [enter term] to the monthly rental price of [Enter rental amount ($] Just like a lease renewal letter, this option has its own terms like a change in the rental amount and more. If the option depends on the tenant to request the extension, the lessor must give his agreement under the conditions of this option. However, if there is no option, neither the lessor nor the tenant is required to renew the lease. A lease extension allows a tenant to extend a current lease beyond the scheduled end date. The extension is only legally binding after it has been signed by both the landlord and the tenant.

In addition to the extension, the extension can also make other changes to the lease agreement, such as for example. B increasing rent or adding property rules. If the landlord and tenant are reputable, a renewal letter is usually sent to the tenant within 30 to 90 days prior to the termination of the original lease. You would choose one of the options (A, B or C or D) in our letter template below. Note that you don`t have to accept your landlord`s first response if it doesn`t relieve your financial situation. Contact the owner again and negotiate the option you requested first, or offer one of the other options. You should also think about what you can reasonably expect or ask for in your letter, so that your application is not rejected in the first place. An extension is legally treated as an entirely new agreement, in which an extension merely extends the end date of the original agreement. It`s also important to keep communication open in these financially challenging times. Just withholding the rent or ignoring the landlord`s calls does not promote a fair deal. The main reason why a lessor would issue a lease renewal letter is to inform the tenant that the lease term is approaching and that they wish to propose a new lease.

In the rental agreement, you can indicate if your tenant must meet the same conditions or if you give him other conditions. Smart landlords will know that there will be a flood of rental properties (commercial and private) during and especially after an economic downturn, and will encourage long-term tenants and help them reach a viable and lasting agreement. The answer is no, he doesn`t. Landlords can terminate their tenant`s rental agreement without justification as soon as the existing lifespan expires. They are not required to renew or renew leases unless this is stated in a written agreement.

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