Telstra Infrastructure Provisioning Agreement

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The following documents serve as a technical guide only. They do not necessarily reflect the current policy on infrastructure liability and costs. In line with federal government policy and the promotion of a level playing field for the provision of telecommunications infrastructure for new developments, the policy requires suppliers to work on a commercial basis. As a result, we charge developers for providing infrastructure and no longer provide the infrastructure for free. As a developer, you are responsible for providing the telecommunications infrastructure for your real estate. Based on your individual development scenario, you may need to apply to nbn to do so. This means that you must complete an nbn™ application form from New Developments. The federal government has published a new policy for the provision of telecommunications infrastructure in new developments. Telstra`s development policy is being revised following recent changes. To report damage to the Telstra infrastructure, call 13 22 03. Letters of availability are not made available to nbn or other websites on which we have not provided infrastructure. Process for entering into Telstra`s commercial supply agreement Please ensure that you have identified existing infrastructure prior to the uprooting of land, excavations, drilling or drilling. In cases where an AFR is submitted with a delay of more than 6 months before the expected end of the project, we may postpone any offer of infrastructure installation until approximately 6 months before the scheduled completion date.

You can choose to install your own fiberglass pit and pipe, and we expect to acquire the installed network as part of a commercial agreement. If Dial Before You Dig or a local inspection near your new development indicates that an existing infrastructure could go through it, please ask our network integrity team to arrange for asset relocation prior to the development stage. This is due to the uncertainty of the nbn-rollout and the ownership of the communication network at the time of completion of your development. Any necessary transmission of our network (or part of the Telstra network) due to our provision of infrastructure would create complexities for all parties involved. Alternatively, we may include the supply of pits and pipes for examination as part of a commercial offer to make the infrastructure available for your development. If the notification is not sufficient and we propose to provide infrastructure, the developer may be financially responsible for the costs we incur for providing wireless intermediary services to end users due to the late AFR request. The developer is responsible for the supply of fiber optic pits and pipes for the service of new developments and will also be responsible for the costs of other infrastructure such as cable, head work and backhaul infrastructure.  Through the AFR process, developers can ask us to provide telecommunications infrastructure for and throughout their development. If you have a problem with your registration, have forgotten your password or have any questions about new developments, please contact us For construction developments, this is the first scheduled service date (including ski lifts and fire detectors). . .


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