Tent Rental Agreement

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Please add a photocopy of the signed contract to an email and send it to mrgtents@gmail.com Lin: Please note that fabric deviations are due to washing, normal use and coloring-los differences are part of the uniqueness of the rental linen. The sheets must be returned without food and particles and shaken and placed in clothes bags. Sheets that are returned with burns, holes, cracks or a permanent negligent end are charged on replacement fees. Make sure all devices are returned in accordance with these CONDITIONS and CONDITIONS. The customer is solely responsible for the additional costs incurred by non-compliance with these conditions. All collection costs, legal fees, court costs or all costs associated with the collection of rental fees are the responsibility of the non-dominant party. I have read and agree with the terms and conditions mentioned above and I confirm receipt of these conditions. METEO: Tents are temporary structures designed for most normal weather conditions; however, there may be situations that become uncertain, such as. B strong winds or clearing. Evacuation of tents is recommended under these or other uncertain conditions. The tenant is responsible for sending and maintaining an OSHA-compliant evacuation plan in or near a public place.

Mr. G Tent Rental is not responsible for damage to rental property or rental property in the event of a storm. DELIVERY – SET UP: Mr. G Tent Rental will endeavour to meet customer delivery requests; However, delays and schedule changes are sometimes unavoidable. We try to communicate all the planning changes as they happen. All items are delivered and picked up at a given location. The customer must be available to account for all items for delivery and pickup; Otherwise, the number of tenants of Mr. G Tents is considered correct. When a tent is ordered, the tent and tent sheath are properly installed and secured in an area determined by delivery staff. All additional items are placed under the marquee which must be installed by the tenant, unless otherwise stated.

The installation fee for the table and chairs is $0.25 per chair and $1.00 per table. There is no guarantee that rental properties will be defect-free. The tenant takes full responsibility for the proper setting up of tables and chairs to ensure proper leg locking for total stability. It is the tenant`s responsibility to notify Mr. G of the rental of tents for all earth pipes, pipes, sewage systems or anything that might interfere with tent piles. The tenant is asked to call 811 for his supply company to come out and mark all subway lines before the rental items are delivered. The stakes are conducted between 1 and 3 feet below the ground. If subway systems are not communicated to G Tent Rental employees or if false information is provided, Mr. G Tent Rental is not responsible for the underground damage. The site requires a custom tent installation (for example.

B on asphalt, bridges, stationary obstacles, etc.). Equipment reservations: offers and proposals do not guarantee the availability of rental equipment. Equipment and property are only booked after receiving a valid credit card, a signed rental agreement and a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment (cash, cheques or credit card). For all devices booked, a 50% cancellation fee is charged up to 10 days before the event. Equipment cancelled less than 10 days after the event will be charged for the entire rental. In order to serve all our customers properly, we need all rental equipment to be provided by Vermont Tent Company. Weather: The customer understands that the tents are temporary structures that offer limited protection from weather conditions, mainly sun and rain; However, there may be situations, especially those with strong wind and lightning, where tents cannot offer protection and may even be damaged or blown away. The escape

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