Treasury Board Performance Agreement

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Yes, provided that management rights are exercised in a reasonable manner and in accordance with collective agreements. Performance targets are not collectively negotiated and management has general discretion in managing the performance of its staff. It goes without saying that management adheres to certain ethical guidelines and standards, including those of the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service. Life comes and almost everyone goes through a difficult personal situation at least once. Stress and anxiety, severe or persistent, can have a very serious impact on performance, presence and assessments if no one is aware of the load on it. It is important to understand that performance management is a shared responsibility between the manager and the employee. Both sides have their respective roles to play and follow guidelines. Their local union is here to provide information and instructions to members while navigating this new program. An arrow of two arrows moves from left to right under the fourth field and indicates that the activities identified in the statement occur throughout the performance management cycle. All staff members have the right to involve their direct superiors and/or managers in a discussion on the adequacy and adequacy of performance objectives. Consideration should be given to whether the objectives are adequate and reasonably achievable in the current circumstances, namely staffing and workload challenges, management support, priority changes, accommodation requirements, collective agreement rights and others. The Performance Management Directive sets out the responsibilities of personnel managers to manage a coherent, fair and rigorous approach to performance management across the core public administration. The AJC also encourages you to discuss in a timely and open manner with your supervisor all cases that have or are likely to significantly affect your ability to achieve certain objectives, so that you can formally request a review of your performance objectives in accordance with the principles set out in the Director`s and Supervisor`s Guide.

This image shows the performance management cycle. It is described in four fields: three fields in a series from left to right represent the most important periods of the cycle, and a fourth below represents ongoing activities. Performance management is an ongoing process that includes planning, development, coaching, feedback and evaluating staff performance. The procedure must comply with the requirements of the Official Languages Directive for people management. If you think a personal situation could affect your work, it`s important to talk about it at an early stage – include your doctor, union representative, and manager/supervisor before an assessment has taken place. . . .

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