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You will encounter a problem like this if the packages of your Android Studio are outdated because the creation is done in the latest stable versions. To fix the problem, follow these steps: I was initially surprised that it doesn`t work right away, even when I accepted the licenses for the mentioned components through the Android tool, but I was told that it is the SDK manager in AS that creates the /licenses folder. The Android tool is outdated and you need to use the sdkmanager instead. sdkmanager also writes the license file when you first accept it. The license changes depending on the SDK you`re using, even if the This command still failed for you? It may have taken some time for the new Docker image to spread to our Docker caches. I believe that the Expo team must solve the problem of licensing the construction machine. Hi Marc, I have this problem trying to run my ion app with cordova run android from the command line. If you find in the error message, what is the current version of the tools for generating your builds. It may be that it is a superior version of the building tools that is missing. In this case, you must manually start the SDK Manager, add the build tools, and accept the license. How did you install our Android SDK? If you have AS, I bet if you run it, it will show you what needs to be updated and all the other things you need to do like accept the license. You should also be able to do this in the cmd line. On this topic, I recommend you to do a Google search as I am sure that this issue has been seen by many people in the Android community.

Ok for anyone who has this problem from 2018. The above answers did NOT work for me at all. What worked was to open android SDK – click the download button in the toolbar and select the appropriate packages. Once the download is complete, you can accept the license agreement. Remember: Run these commans with the same user as jenkins. In our Debian, the Jenkins user is just jenkins. In other words, if you do it as root, the accepted licenses will be created as root, so Jenkins won`t read them. @martinstacey=== Have you updated your SDK??? If so, it looks like you haven`t checked the license terms if you want to use the IDE to accept the license, I also found it easy to open Android Studio and create a new basic project to trigger the license agreements. After creating a project, the following license dialog box appeared, which I had to accept: (Make sure that all required packages are installed first by following our Android configuration documents and making sure that you also fully install an SDK platform) For those who have problems with the command-line SDK, the reason why the licenses you accept are not found is because they were written to a location other than $ANDROID_HOME/licenses, where they should be.


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